Monday, September 25, 2017

The Storm

Raindrops pounding to the ground, raindrops chasing after people, a gust of wind blew over the ocean, a gust of wind blowing the trees, as the wind tugged a big dark cloud above. A storm was here to take over, as it destroyed everything that people had, people running for shelter trying to save themselves. The storm shaking the land and making loud bangs, people were screaming and shrieking as the storm took over, people still terrified and crying as the storm passed. Leaving a big mess to clean up, people rubbing on sunscreen, chucking on hats, and going out to play, as they were not terrified anymore.

Monday, September 18, 2017

WALT: Write a Maori myth on Aotearoa
Kupe’s travels around Aotearoa
A long long time ago there was a man called Kupe who made a challenge for himself that he’ll sail around Aotearoa. Before his journey, he packed food and fresh water in some calabashes for him and his crew. But one day when he and his warriors were sailing round Aotearoa he ran into a big wheke of Muturangi, It was huge, the warriors wanted to go back but Kupe refused he wanted to fight the big beast.

It was a dangerous battle between the wheke and Kupe and his warriors. His huge sailing vessel, Matahora almost capsized, which would have been the end of Kupe and his crew. But Kupe’s quick thinking saved the day. He threw all the calabashes into the water to make the wheke think that they were bodies. The wheke went chasing after the calabashes thinking he would have a feast.

When it emerged to the surface of the ocean, Kupe leaped onto the wheke and started to fight. Kupe leaped onto the wheke and struck the blow that ended the wheke’s life forever. Arapaoa was the name given to the terrible blow, that was the first name given to the South Island of New Zealand.

Friday, August 25, 2017

We were learning how to measure things in the classroom.
We were learning a Maori song called E Nga iwi and we had to find out what it means in English.
We were making a slide on how the Maori guardians brought water to New Zealand.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

My class was writing why was wai (water) important.

Why is Wai important
Water is used for lots of different things for lots of different reasons, such as drinking, cooking, and heaps of other ways. And not everyone uses water in the same way. Some people think that water isn’t that important but it really is and I'll show you why.

My first fantastic reason is also the most important, we need water to stay hydrated and not just us but all the animals as well. We need water so we stay hydrated and so we can survive and also so the animals can stay hydrated. Another way water helps us is that it powers our brain and it keeps us healthy. We also need water in our waterways so the fish and insects can survive as well as us.

Another good reason why we need water is so we can transport food and also people and animals. We need water so we can have food shipped to us, so we can have more animals living in our country and also that people can be transported. Another way water helps the world is for swimming in. This is fun like playing games and for competitions.

Water also helps us so we can wash our selves and clothes so we can stay clean and healthy and also so we don’t smell like a dog. We need our water also for cleaning cars, farm equipment, pets and heaps of other things. And guess where all the water goes... it all goes in the sewers and the water in the sewers just go into the sea.

And these are only some of the reasons we need water we also need it for cooking, for growing crops and water is basically used for everything. So now you know that water is one of the most important things in the world and you also know some things that water is used for.