Friday, June 22, 2018

In class we had to write a narrative about an animal around our school and we where the animal and write what the life of it would be.

                                           Torturing Days 

Do you know what a spiders story’s like? Well today's your day because i’m going to tell you the story when Freddy my father died. And also how I’m going to stop those big blue ugly blueberries. Well sit down and i’ll tell you the story and let’s go on an adventure.

 “NOOOO!” Freddy screamed I tumbled out of my web ran as fast as my eight little legs could carry me. “What happened dad” I asked him terrified that something terrible had happened. I’m sorry Fred but Freya has passed away “what? no! how?” I said with tears in my eyes. “She got up early this morning to catch some breakfast but the biggest blueberry of all drowned her with the big black blackberry with holes in it.” “I’m sorry son but we have to move it’s too dangerous here” “you mean we have to leave this warm greenhouse” I said still with tears in my eyes. “Yes i’ll get some breakfast and you pack we’ll leave as soon as were finished.”

 “Dad my legs hurt” I whined “ it feels like we've been walking for miles” “Fred we’ve only been walking for a meter it’s not even that long of a walk anyway”. After a couple of meter’s we reached these huge wood mountains. “Are we really gonna have to climb them” I whined “yes if you want to find a home”. As we reached the top we saw a humongous clear hole. And then we saw them the huge blue terrifying blue blueberries rushing out the hole almost squishing us “AHHHHHH!” I screamed at the top of my voice. “Watch out Fred!” daddy screamed while pushing me out of the way. “Ok I think their all gone” as we entered this huge glasshouse but instead of it clear it was blue like a big blueberry.”Wow this is perfect where are we going to stay daddy” I asked excited now “I don’t know let’s explore”.

 As we spent hours looking for a safe spot we settled in and dad made some bed’s, a food catcher, a lounge, a kitchen and even a TV. The house was quite small and quiet but daddy said if we still remember mummy then it would feel big and loud. As I lie in bed the brightest colours filled my head of mummy, daddy and I playing eight ball. Eight ball is like what they call soccer but each player has eight legs. In the morning it was really warm from these magical heat box’s. After breakfast some blueberries spotted daddy and I but they were being quite mean “EW look at those hideous things” “there so gross with eight legs” “ why don’t we kill them” and there were much more of that. Once they left some other blueberries appeared and I hid so they couldn't see me and say bad things but they saw dad and they weren't that bad they were saying nice things about us. They wanted us to come down but we didn’t because we were to afraid but then they started to say thing’s again like “AWW look at those cute little legs” and “I love your web” and then they said something else that changed my mind of hiding. “Ok if you think you’re up to it then why don’t you meet us on the deck at morning tea”.

 “Dad can I please go” I pleaded “if you want to die” “dad did you hear the things they said they want to save us” I whined “fine but I need to come with you” dad finally said “YES! Thank-you dad”. When a big loud “ding dong ding dong” happened heaps of the scary blueberries rushed into the room. After a long day of blueberries torturing us and wrecking our webs they all left other than three little girls with long yellow hair that seems like webs. “Do you want to come and eat with us little one” they would ask, I stared over at dad and he gave me a little nod. I tumbled down the wall and the one with the longest web’s held me in her warm hands. It felt comforting and it made me think of mum when she comforted me when I was feeling sad. “Aww you look so small and scared, don’t worry we won’t hurt you” they said calmly and quietly trying not to scare me. As they got their colourful boxes they sat down on the big mountain, it was strange because it didn’t take long for them to go up and down it but it took us hours. As they sat down eating they sat me down on one of the boxes, and one of them started to eat blueberries which was also strange because they were blueberries. My tummy was rumbling I was starving, then they saw me, and one gave a some of a raspberry another gave me some oats and the other sat a silver garden tool with this fluffy white stuff called yogurt. When we finished they gave me some food and put me back in the big blue green house, dad was waiting for me at the bottom of the wall. When I got back inside the house I put all the colourful food in the cupboards to have for lunch and tea.

 The next day at tea time I asked dad if I could spend the whole day with them “I’ll think over night go to bed it’s late” he murmured I smiled with a yawn and headed off to bed, normally when he says that it’s always a yes. In the morning I was so excited to ask dad if I was allowed, I jumped on him with a huge grin on my face. After a while dad finally woke up and I asked him about staying with them and guess what boring dad said “yes but only if I come with you” he said with a smile, I smiled back at him. I ate breakfast as fast as I could and dad packed bags for us while I was getting dressed. We stumbled down the wall as fast as we could and we heard the bell (that’s what the ding dong maker is called, the nice blueberries taught me that) ding dong again and the nice blueberries came to pick us up. As dad climbed into the cosy warm hands of the one that had a pink web in her hair he felt safe and excited to see the day ahead of him. We had to sit down for a little while, but then the girls made a little dark cave for daddy and I to sleep in, they were talking about what they should name us. “I think we should call the big spider Zac and the baby called Zane” The smallest one said “Ok” the other two agreed. When food time finally came the nice blueberries gave dad a salt and vinegar chip and they gave me some ham from a sandwich. As the day of luxury ended we climbed back up into the house and sat in the lounge watching TV. “Zane” dad smiled at me and I smiled back at him“i’m going to get something for tea from the food catcher”. “Ok see you soon”.

 When dad left I watched him walk down the wall and onto a white and brown hard web we didn’t worry about the mean blueberries until he heard them saw “EW look at it” one said “why does it have such a small body but huge disgusting legs”. The nice blueberries heard what they were talking about rushed over to dad and tried to pick him up but dad got a fright and fell and the blueberry with the dark black webs got a fright and screamed and shouted in fright and dad shouted “AHHHH” I heard dad and rushed down the wall to get him but the good blueberries grabbed me so they couldn’t squish me. “DAD” I screamed but the mean blueberry already squished him. I cried and sobbed as the nice blueberry held me in her hand, they put me on the wall and I went back inside the house. Everything was so much different without parents I was only four why did it have to happen to me. Ten years past and I finally found someone to live with, I now live in the forest with heaps of space I have my own wife called Izzy and two children Freya and Zane. I live a happier life now no one to kill us anymore. After a year or so these people found us and said we were a special type of species called Araneae but they put us in a cage to a museum, our space was a bit smaller but it felt just like home.

 Ok sorry to make this short but I have to go get some bugs “Zane! Get here your going to have to finish the story” “Ok coming” Ok so I hope you get the message don’t hurt spider’s or we’ll hurt you! I’ll finish the story soon so keep a look out for the next part, see you soon. “Bye!

Friday, May 18, 2018

In the class we play a learning game called Multiverse it's a game on Mathletics. It's a game where you can learn your multiplication in a really fun way. You can get planets and Gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen and Minerals if you complete your task. You can also defeat pirates by using multiplication. This is a photo of it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WALT name a part of the school, describe what it is like and add a photo of it.                                                    
                                                               Cheerful Playground
The playground is a colourful place where you can play, run and chatter with all of your friends. The playground is where you can make friends or play with them, there's heaps of different shapes and colours. It is a magnificent place to be in especially when your sad.


                                                                  Lifeless Shed
The storage shed is a lifeless place because barely anyone ever goes in and barely anyone comes out. It is a dusty non colourful place that looks very boring (I have to say that cause I’ve never been in there). There’s big boxes and shelves and more boxes. There has only been one magnificent thing in there… the bright blue and green remote control RACE CAR!
                                                          Unexciting Car park
The unexciting car park is no place you want to be, it is sooo boring there is nothing to do there it’s just stones and cars. There is no colour and nothing interesting so don’t go there it is just too boring. It’s only dust, stones, dirt and cars so don’t waste your time there (only if you want to make it colourful and exciting you can).
                                                                 Soft Sandpit
The Soft Sandpit is so soft it’s like your lying in a bed. I could even sleep there for a night (if there’s no rocks in there).The Sandpit is a place where people bake cakes (sand cakes by the way) and turn into mermaids (mermaids made of sand that can’t move) and we even throw meatballs at the sandpit wall (again not real meatballs). Sometimes we even make racetracks or bury ourselves in the sand and sometimes we just dig a hole for fun.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

WALT find things around our school that starts with each letter of the alphabet and write a sentence or a paragraph and say why they can hep people and Nature.

 Animals spread seeds to grow more plants and they give nutrients to the plants. Sometimes they get them stuck to their coats or feathers and sometimes they eat them and it comes out the other end. Some of them make great companions for people and they relieve the stress that many people witness. Most animals will guard you and your belongings from thieves and unknown people.

 Bark helps to grow plants. Some people use it instead of soil, and some people use it as a compost to keep them growing. It is quite good to put it underneath soil in plant boxes because it drains the water without making the soil rotten.

 Compost is something that helps plants to grow. It can be all sorts of different things. It could be certain types of food scraps, bark, or manure. Some people make worm farms. The purpose of this is for the worms to help it to decompose before it goes into the garden.

 Dock leaves help us if we get nettle stings then we can use them to heal our wounds, they also help keep bugs from nasty rain because dock leaves keep them dry when they are underneath them. 

Environment, the environment is what’s around us; it can be trees, animals, people and even cities. The environment can be good for the animals, because the trees can be their home or they might like the grass or the berries off them. The environment can also be good for us, because it is our home and we can get food from it.

 Fields can keep your farm animals in one spot so they don’t get our water dirty or escape. They can also be a place to plant plants because it is a big space for them to grow. They can help us so when we run on the field, it’s not stones or hard concrete. We can run barefoot on the lush, green, soft grass. 

Greenhouses help plants grow and help provide food for us. It also helps plants by providing seeds to plant more plants which means there will be more plants around our environment. We also take care of the plants so they can grow healthily.

 Hives are places where bees live. They make the inside of the hives out of a special type of wax that they can produce. The hive is also where the bees turn the pollen and nectar that they have collected into honey. Bees also hatch in the hives. When you see honey in the shop, it has been collected from the bee hives.

 Ivy is a plant so it helps us breathe fresh air because it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. It also gives seeds so we can grow more plants and helps the air and water not get polluted. It also gives some places an almost magical look. It is quite an amazing and natural decoration. Jackets can be made from recycled plastic so it doesn’t affect plants as much.

Jackets can keep us warm and dry. Sometimes when people have pets, they give them jackets as well. This is because some animals get cold easily and it helps them not to freeze to death.

 Kowhai trees help the air by keeping it clean and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and producing more seeds so then we can plant more Kowhai Trees around our school. They also give us shade so we can relax and not be too hot. Animals also need the shade from the tree as well because otherwise the heat could kill them. Birds can nest in the tree as well. Kowhai trees make a safe place for them and their chicks (if they have some) so they won’t get eaten.

 Lemonwood trees are trees with yellowish green leaves. It might sound like they grow lemons but they don’t; it’s the smell of the leaves.They help us by sucking in the carbon-dioxide and releasing oxygen through their leaves. The smell of their leaves is quite calming. The tree itself provides a great home for birds and is quite fun to climb.

 Metal can help support trees and plants so they don’t fall over. They can also help us build houses and sheds for us and the animals. Even if things don’t look like they are made of metal, they quite often are. Some people use metal a lot for making sculptures and useful everyday objects. Reinforcing rods are used in quite a lot of buildings and they are made of metal too.

 Nurseries can help plants grow from seeds and we can give them the healthy life they need. Nurseries also help the plants have the right amount of sunshine and water they need. They get the sun, the rain, and friends who they can live with until they are big enough to plant into the earth and then grow to make more seeds.

 Outside classroom helps us learn about the plants. It helps us to focus on our task because you can hear the surrounding sounds. If you are learning about plants or birds, it will help because you might be able to look at them and what they are doing. Pine Trees are huge trees that give us heaps of resources from pinecones to wood. They are a great way to challenge yourself and try to climb.

Pine trees are also a great place for birds to nest and lay their eggs. Insects and other animals or birds can live in the trees as well. So basically, pine trees are safe and good for anything.

 Quiet areas are good because they help people to relax. Any birds wouldn’t be scared of any loud noises if it is quiet. You can listen to the sounds of the natural environment. It would be a good way to escape from the real world and to allow your imagination to run away with you.

 Riparian planting is a really good option if rivers or creeks are getting polluted. It means that you plant trees and bushes along the edge of rivers. The purpose of this is so that they can absorb any chemicals or manure running into the river through the soil of the ground. In some places people get together in huge groups to plant along the edge of well-known community rivers or creeks. Sheds can be used for to keep animals in a safe dry space and store plants and seeds.

Sheds also help if animals need a shelter from the nasty weather that comes quite often. Animals can stay in old sheds and keep their children (if they have any) safe. They can drag food in there and make nests or beds on the floor or in the roof, so again, sheds are safe and can be used for tons of purposes.

Trees can give us oxygen for us and the animals. They can also keep the manure from going into creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans. Trees give us seeds and allow us to plant more around our school. Trees also clean our polluted air so we can live and breathe in it. If it weren't for trees we wouldn’t be here right now. Umbrellas help humans stay dry when the rain comes bucketing down and they sometimes even keep animals dry from the rain too.

Umbrellas are more than just fabric and a stick. They spring the rain off the fabric instead of off your head and onto soaking clothes. Instead they keep us dry and definitely not soaking.

 Vases help by giving us room to place our lovely flowers, or some lovely bouquets. Vases are a lovely source of decoration. They do help nature by helping flowers or plants grow until they die a couple years after. When people come to your house, they might also compliment your flowers or your vase. 

Water is very important for every living thing. If something or someone goes without water for too long, they will die. It’s as simple as that. Water is probably the most important thing on this planet. You will know if you need to drink more water if your throat feels dry. So remember to drink lots of water and give plenty to your plants as well!

 Xylophones are more helpful than you may think. They help some people stay calm and their sounds could relax people more. Surprisingly, Yes, Xylophones do help nature because it is actually true that if you play a plant some nice music, then it will grow more quickly than it usually would.

 Yellow Beans help us by producing food for us to eat so we don’t starve. They also give us seeds so we can grow more and sometimes a couple animals could eat the food, or seeds so they can eat and not starve either. Yellow Beans are also healthy so you can eat them and not worry about chemicals or them being so sugary, because after all they are a vegetable!

 Zips help us when we need to keep our jerseys on, keep our things in our bags, sometimes even our lunch boxes need a zip too! They help us in tons of different ways and if it wasn’t for zips, I have no idea where we would be now. They also help Nature and animals too, for some animals have special items of clothing that keep them warm so they don’t freeze. You can also keep tree seeds in zip bags so you can plant them whenever you have the time.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Storm

Raindrops pounding to the ground, raindrops chasing after people, a gust of wind blew over the ocean, a gust of wind blowing the trees, as the wind tugged a big dark cloud above. A storm was here to take over, as it destroyed everything that people had, people running for shelter trying to save themselves. The storm shaking the land and making loud bangs, people were screaming and shrieking as the storm took over, people still terrified and crying as the storm passed. Leaving a big mess to clean up, people rubbing on sunscreen, chucking on hats, and going out to play, as they were not terrified anymore.

Monday, September 18, 2017

WALT: Write a Maori myth on Aotearoa
Kupe’s travels around Aotearoa
A long long time ago there was a man called Kupe who made a challenge for himself that he’ll sail around Aotearoa. Before his journey, he packed food and fresh water in some calabashes for him and his crew. But one day when he and his warriors were sailing round Aotearoa he ran into a big wheke of Muturangi, It was huge, the warriors wanted to go back but Kupe refused he wanted to fight the big beast.

It was a dangerous battle between the wheke and Kupe and his warriors. His huge sailing vessel, Matahora almost capsized, which would have been the end of Kupe and his crew. But Kupe’s quick thinking saved the day. He threw all the calabashes into the water to make the wheke think that they were bodies. The wheke went chasing after the calabashes thinking he would have a feast.

When it emerged to the surface of the ocean, Kupe leaped onto the wheke and started to fight. Kupe leaped onto the wheke and struck the blow that ended the wheke’s life forever. Arapaoa was the name given to the terrible blow, that was the first name given to the South Island of New Zealand.

Friday, August 25, 2017

We were learning how to measure things in the classroom.