Monday, September 25, 2017

The Storm

Raindrops pounding to the ground, raindrops chasing after people, a gust of wind blew over the ocean, a gust of wind blowing the trees, as the wind tugged a big dark cloud above. A storm was here to take over, as it destroyed everything that people had, people running for shelter trying to save themselves. The storm shaking the land and making loud bangs, people were screaming and shrieking as the storm took over, people still terrified and crying as the storm passed. Leaving a big mess to clean up, people rubbing on sunscreen, chucking on hats, and going out to play, as they were not terrified anymore.


  1. Hi Isla! I really liked your writing because it seemed so real that I could feel the raindrops landing on me. I remember when I was writing mine, ours are really alike! maybe next time (or now) you might want to put a label on (like writing.)and put a WALT on it,I hope my comment was helpful.

  2. Kia ora Isla,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced "Emily") and I am a blogger at the Summer Learning Journey. I wanted to start by saying wow... just wow! This writing poem you have written is just fantastic! I like that you talk about all the scary and dark things the storm does, but then the writing changes and it becomes sunny, happier and more bright. Absolutely beautiful.

    I know it's a bit tricky to start, but if you wanted to continue blogging over the summer holidays remember to head over to the activities page on the Summer Learning Journey website. You can do these activities in any order. Be sure to remember to post your answers onto your blog.

    Summer Learning Journey activities link:

    I hope to be blogging with you this summer!

    Noho ora mai,
    Emiely :)

  3. Hi Isla, My name is Trinity and I go to papakura-central school. I really like your writing about the storm, I like how you put lot's of describing words. If that storm was real I bet it would be scary.


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